Get Creative When Decorating Your Outdoor Living Space in Columbia, SC

A fountain or pond installation may be more affordable than you realize

Many Columbia, SC-area homeowners appreciate the sound of gurgling streams or waterfalls. But many don't think they can afford a pond or fountain installation. Aquatic Lifestyles LLC has the solution: Aquascape water features. As a certified Aquascape contractor, Aquatic Lifestyles has an experienced crew you can trust to install your pond or fountain.

When you call us for a fountain or pond installation, you'll get expert advice about upgrading your landscaping. We'd be happy to recommend water features that fit your budget and aesthetic preferences. Call 803-215-1672 now to speak with a member of our team.

These water features will inspire you

These water features will inspire you

A water feature can transform an ordinary backyard into an outdoor retreat. Before deciding to start a pond or fountain installation project, figure out what kind of water feature will complement your Columbia, SC-area property. You might like one of these popular options:

  • A pondless waterfall-this water feature mimics a natural spring.
  • A recirculating fountain-place this water feature in a shady spot where grass and flowers struggle to grow.
  • A formal fountain-bring balance to your backyard with a symmetrical water feature.
  • An ecosystem pond-sink into serenity as you watch fish swimming around.
  • A patio pond-cultivate a small water garden in your outdoor living space.

Still don't know which one you'd prefer? Discuss the pros and cons with a certified Aquascape contractor. When you're ready to schedule a fountain or pond installation, contact Aquatic Lifestyles right away.